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custom art


Hi! I'm Erica Christensen. I specialize in graphic and concept art, primarily digital art pieces focused on organic textures and Mother Nature. I also world build concept art, characters, bots and paranormal spaces.


If you're looking for a custom art piece, I occasionally take commissions - please email me at and we'll chat!

Photo: Me, Chef Skyler McCallson and my coral reef mural at UnderWraps Sushi in Pleasant Grove, Utah.


a bit about UndeadLife


My UndeadLife coloring pages look pretty apocalyptic, but really I draw them because I'm awed by how complex and beautiful the anatomy of life is. The drawings also share how strong yet fragile life is on our Earth, and how we have a responsibility to help each other tough out our challenges, build each other up, and heal our world.


You can join me in the quest to save our Earth when you purchase one of these rad coloring pages. With every purchase, I donate to Oceana, an organization with amazing people who fight to save our ocean life from extinction, clean ocean water from plastics, and feed hungry people - a cause I am passionate about.

I let Society6 print the coloring pages, they use a beautiful quality, heavy art paper perfect for coloring with pencils, markers, or even watercolor. I use them myself! Check out my store here. You can find coloring examples on my Instagram channel. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the address above. Thanks!


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Read my art stories, check out my sketching process, and learn all sorts of drawing tips on my Instagram channels!


Life Art - @elm_christensen

UndeadLife Art - @undeadlifeart

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